Items of interest to complete the look

Model Product Image Item Name Price
29-720 Ball & Chain

Ball & Chain

$79.00Buy Now
38-122BCX Blank Ammo

Blank Ammo

$35.00Buy Now
16-100 Brass Ships Bell

Brass Ships Bell

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22-28 Bullet Hangers for guns

Bullet Hangers for guns

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16-525 Civil War Bugle ---Replica

Civil War Bugle ---Replica

$78.00Buy Now
07-491 Civil War Cannon (Cannon Only)

Civil War Cannon (Cannon Only)

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07-937 Colonial Tomahawk

Colonial Tomahawk

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30-61 Drinking Horn

Drinking Horn

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27-322D Famous Alamo Pistol Display

Famous Alamo Pistol Display

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16-105 Fog Horn

Fog Horn

$36.00Buy Now