U.S. used German made PSG-1 sniper rifle

Price: $34.50

This gun is made by H&K of Germany, modern sniper rifle. these guns are very realistic looking, they make great items for enhanceing an award or plaque.Most of our mini guns are presented with the thought of useing them for our plaques and awards, due to this they are priced accordingly.

  • We are presenting a series of miniature guns for your shopping convience. All countries are represented
  • These are accurate 1/6 scale,on average about 4" to 7" in length and are made of plastic or metal, depending upon the mfg.
  • The quality depends upon the manufacture
  • We use these guns to add to plaques for an impressive presentation.
  • We have three sizes guns 1/6th--1/3rd--full size


  • Model: