M-16 A1 rifle viet nam era

Price: $68.95

  • This gun is  a 1/3 scale resin replica of the famous U.S.M-16A1 rifle   1st used in Viet Nam
  • We present  two styles or types of guns--- so be sure you check the type you are ordering--1st style is in its full body 1/3 scale presentation. a total 3D presentation  resin  2nd style is in what is called 1/2 relief, in other words you will only get 1/2 of the thickness of the gun. resin
  • Both these style of guns are presented for your use as wall plaque or gift award presentations, obviously the 1/2 relief will lay against the board presentation much better than the full body version.    If desired we can mount them on a plaque or award for you to meet your desired  presentation and even add other pins and patches as well as an engraved name plate
  • Gun measures about 13" long --- has no moving parts

  • Model: