Miniature bass drum

Price: $7.50

  • Our miniature musical instruments come in several styles. Those items ending in OR ( ex: MIOR-001 ) ( M)=miniature ,( I)  = instrument, OR = ornaments,           other codes ::: MIBR=brass. MIG=guitar, MIFR=picture frames,  MIMB=music boxPlease familiaize yourself with these codes as they directly effect the cost of the instruments and the accessories that come with them..
  • The items ending OR, are classified as ornaments, while they are of the same quality as the other items they will not have all the accessories with them such as ( a case, a stand or as with the violins, no bow ) they will  have a string attached for hanging as a decoration..
  • Because the OR items do not have all the goodies, they are therefore much cheaper..  Not cheap in quality just price..

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