miniature sax on marble base

Price: $62.50

    • This is presented as a PAPER WEIGHT  the  item comes with an engraved name plate so you can present it to someone special or for a special event,  you decide on the inscription.. Great gift  == we can make paper weights out of most all of our miniature instruments -- call us for your needs if not shown in our web site...
    • Our miniature musical instruments come in several styles. Those items ending in OR ( ex: MIOR-001 ) ( M)=miniature ,( I)  = instrument, OR = ornaments,           other codes ::: MIBR=brass. MIG=guitar, MIFR=picture frames,  MIMB=music boxETC::     Please familiaize yourself with these codes as they directly effect the cost of the instruments and the accessories that come with them..    Some of the instruments are wood while some are metal..
    • The items ending OR, are classified as ornaments, while they are of the same quality as the other items they will not have all the accessories with them such as ( a case, a stand or as with the violins, no bow ) they will  have a string attached for hanging as a decoration..
    • Because the OR items do not have all the goodies, they are therefore much cheaper..  Not cheap in quality just price..
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