1911 .45 Govt automatic

Price: $129.95


    Item #: 22-1227
  • This non firing model is a replica of the standard government issue sidearm of the U.S. soldier since 1911 and made famous in historical pictures of WWII. The M1911 had tremendous stopping power that saved countless soldiers lives for 8 decades.

  • This pistol is on a close out -- a small supply exists but when sold -- no more will be available..


    Length: 8.5" Weight: 2.5 lbs



  • Metalcraft by Blair    is presenting another new section in it's web site.  NON—firing  Replica----Modern  Pistols and Rifles of a modern  time era..Including wwll .




  • These guns look and feel like the real thing, but can not fire and can not be made to fire real bullets, Therefore you should  not need a gun permit. These guns are so real we ask and urge you to take extreme caution when handling them for fear some one may thing you are shooting at them. 




  • The guns are made of metal and wood and have real life action moving parts.      




  • ( no one under 21 may purchase these guns


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