AV8 Harrier stick grip as Beer Tap

Price: $189.95

  • Military Presentations:  another item only by us
  • This item is of An AV8 Harrier stick grip beer tap
    • This is a selection of a  Modern day  fighter aircraft stick grips or throttles.----BEER TAP---------
    • You are looking at another Military Presentations original-- this selection of aircraft stick grips and throttles is as complete a selection of resin replica"s as anywhere in the world. Most are solid resin while a select few are plastic as modified by us.
    • This is the ultimate gift for that aviator in your life.. He/she will cherish this gift for the rest of their lives. For ths reason we ask you to consider personalizeing the gift with their personal military information. The ultimate gift for many occasions, not to mention getting their wings.
  •             For that beer drinking military person     

    • These Military stick grips are full size resin replicas and the switches and buttons are for display only. ----- ( do  not push or pull switches, as they will break )
    • We have about 30 PLUS different stick grips and throttles for you to choose from.   We have most of the popular stick grips from ww2 to present. More will be added as they become available-- we even have a selection of foreign grips and throttles.
    • Also ---  please note we have a selection of helicopter grips and collectives. as well as beer taps for the average soldier .

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